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Tackle the achievement gap where it starts- over the summer! ThinkStretch summer learning program is a complete system- materials, awards, communications, family engagement and beyond. Fun, engaging summer work books cover that reading, writing and math are available for students PreK-8th grade.

Easy To Get Started

Administrators and teachers love how easy ThinkStretch is to get started. Our program includes Step by Step program coordinator materials, hands on STEM activities for home or playground sessions, and free customizable options to support families and schools.

Title 1 Funding Friendly!

With 3 major parent supports, ThinkStretch is a great match for Title 1 Family Engagement funding. It also qualifies for supplemental materials for both targeted and school wide programs.

What Do You Get?

Simple to start and easy to use, ThinkStretch includes everything that students, parents and administrators need to be successful.

Grade-specific PreK-8th workbooks Aligning to state and national curriculum standards
Animated Kick-Off Video "Brain" shows students in a fun way why it is important to "exercise their brain over the summer"
Family Engagement Materials Including a full powerpoint presentation and e-newsletters through out the summer
Parent Guide to Summer A book just for parents with answer keys, support and learning tips
Achievement Medals Motivating to students, rewarding true effort- just watch their faces light up
Program Coordinator Materials Giving you everything you need to run the program quickly and easily

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