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Playtime Before Homework Time

Ok, school may not be the same as being stuck indoors, but it can feel like that for kids. Kids need to balance brain work with physical play. After a long day at school, many kids need to get their energy out before sitting down to homework. Several experimental studies show that school kids pay more…

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Tips for Parents

Sometimes parents need reading tips too.  Try these simple ideas to help your child become an interested reader. Be a reader yourself. When you spend time reading books or even directions for how to put together the grill this summer, you demonstrate for your child that reading is both fun and useful. Set aside a…

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Quotes from Librarians

Librarians have ideas to keep your child reading all summer long. Here are just a few ideas from across the country. Thank you Scholastic for collecting these terrific quotes. Full of Summer Reading Fun “Visit your local public library because there is so much going on and the enthusiasm of the librarians is infectious. So many…

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We Give Books

We Give Books is a new digital initiative that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don’t have them, simply by reading online. We Give Books combines the joy of reading with the power of helping others, providing a new way to inspire children to become…

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Summer Learning Ideas

Over the years, parents have shared how they’re working to combat summer learning loss at home with us. We’d like to share some of our favorites with you. If you’re looking to spice up your summer learning routine, try these fun, easy summer learning ideas for parents at home! Bell Work – We continue the…

Fireworks over Saint Louis
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Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are a traditional Fourth of July Activity. Look up fireworks and your city name and you are sure to find a free show nearby. If you choose to light up your own display, know your local and state ordinances for fireworks. And ALWAYS enjoy fireworks safely! Know your fireworks; Read the warning labels and performance…

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Amazing Things

Finding safe, interesting web content can be a challenge for elementary learners.  National Geographic Kids offers all of the amazing people, places and things of the grown up version but downsized for kids. Use the articles and activities as inspiration for a journal entry or an online vacation!

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Memorial Day Summer Kick Off!

Teaching the meaning of Memorial Day to your children can be a challenge. To many Americans, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, but to military families the meaning runs much deeper than a BBQ. The simplest thing you can do is to explain that Monday is a day set aside to honor those who died…

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What to Read?

Did you know kids enjoy reading more when they get to pick their own books? While choosing a book can be tricky, you can help your child find their “just right” book by offering titles and authors that have a track record of pleasing kids. Some of my kids favorites were found by looking at…

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Way to Go, YMCA of Greater Cincinnati!

Summer Learning Program Assists YMCA in Becoming Finalist for Award of Excellence ThinkStretch, a summer learning program for pre-k to sixth grade students, was featured as part of the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati’s award-winning YMCA Better Together Summer Program, was named a 2012 Excellence in Summer Learning Awards finalist. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release)…

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Get to Know ThinkStretch!

Maybe you’re looking for something for your son or daughter to do over the summer months. Maybe you’re looking for a way to keep your child up to speed during the long break between two grades. If that is the case, you’re in the right place! ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program exists to help your students…