Our Difference

ThinkStretch effectively combats the key issues in summer learning loss and learning in general by helping to create a community of learning using a complete learning program. Ready-to-use learning materials remove the burden from busy teachers at the end of the year and provide clear direction for parents from schools.

With the ThinkStretch Program students return in the fall proud of their summer efforts and ready to learn. All of our programs are turn-key systems. They include everything you need to implement a unique partnership between parents, students and the school to develop a community of learning quickly and cost effectively.

ThinkStretch programs are designed to ensure that students stay engaged and have the best opportunity to learn. They feature:

Grade-specific: Aligning with state and national curriculum standards.

Curriculum Options: ThinkStretch offers reading, writing, math and parent materials.

Simple Covers: Inviting and fun, designed for children to explore.

Family Engagement: Programs are designed to empower students and their families, providing optional educational nights, and a parent guide.

Books Pressed Thin: Designed to give kids effective lessons, never overwhelming.

Black and White: Giving children focus and helping them mark their own contributions.

Fun Illustrations: Themed to spark imaginations – fun for kids to discover and explore.