1. How long does it take to receive the program and books?
We ship all orders UPS ground within 48 hours out of Ann Arbor, MI. For delivery, please allow 5-7 business days from the date you place your order.

2. Can I order the program coordinator package before the books?
You can place an order for books and request that the program coordinator folder be shipped immediately while the books can shipped at your convenience. You can also access your online program coordinator materials immediately with a password as soon as the order is placed.

3. Can we offer the books to parents to purchase and only order books for those students?
Yes! While the Summer Learning Program is designed to build a culture of summer learning for a community, if your school cannot offer the program to all students, our group order process may be your best option. Download our Group Sales Kit.

4. What can we do for students who are performing below (or above) grade level?
ThinkStretch features choice reading, open-ended writing, and accessible science activities. Leveling for student ability only needs to be done for the math content. Within your school, identify the specific students and the math grade level where their skills are secure. The contents of each book do not indicate a grade level so that the insides of one book may be swapped with another. Work with your ThinkStretch Program Specialist to receive a few extra books of the needed grade levels. Simply swap the cover on a 3rd heading to 4th book with the contents of your extra 2nd heading to 3rd book. Label the book with the student’s name. Now every child is receiving the same covered book, but with contents customized to their skill level.

5. Can I buy an individual book?
ThinkStretch offers Summer Learning Kits with a grade specific student workbook, Parent Guide to Summer and achievement medal for shipment directly to your home for $19.95 including shipping. Order Now!

6. What makes your program different from the summer workbooks in the store?
ThinkStretch is an integrated program for students, parents and teachers. As a parent, when the ThinkStretch program comes home with your child from their classroom teacher, you are no longer the “mean mom (or dad)” who is making your student work over the summer. Summer Learning becomes a task just like school year homework – it comes from the teacher and must be returned to the teacher. In addition, ThinkStretch is based in free choice reading. Studies have shown that students are more likely to read outside of school when given the choice of reading material. Finally, ThinkStretch supports parents with a Parent’s Guide, a parent education night and a Just for Parents section on our website.

7. What if I don’t know the answer to one of the problems in the workbook?
The Parent’s Guide that came home with your student contains the answer keys for every grade level at the back of the guide.

8. What if my child loses their book?
First, contact your program coordinator for a replacement. If they are unable to provide you a book, you can order a book on our site.

9. Does this workbook meet my school’s and state’s curriculum standards?
Yes. The ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program is aligned with the Common Core State Standards that are used in over 40 states. In addition, ThinkStretch is aligned with the specific standards of several other states that do not conform to the CCSS. Learn more about how ThinkStretch aligns with your curriculum.

10. Why isn’t there reading material in the workbooks?
Study after study has shown that pre-printed reading selections address only 25% of students. The selection are either too easy, too hard or not of interest to the student. For summer reading, students are most motivated by free choice reading.

11. What is summer learning loss?
Summer learning loss, or summer brain drain, is the loss of knowledge that happens every year and adds up over time. Students without regular opportunities to learn and stay engaged in discovery throughout the summer show more visible signs of summer learning loss, although all students are susceptible. Learn more about summer learning loss.

12. How can I stop summer learning loss for my students?
Summer learning loss can be prevented by keeping brains moving over the summer. Opportunities for summer learning are all around us! ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program provides parents and teachers with resources and ideas to keep students engaged and excited to learn throughout the summer.

13. Is ThinkStretch available in other languages?
ThinkStretch is available in Spanish at no extra charge.