School Funding Sources

ThinkStretch is purchased by schools and districts with a variety of funding streams. Outside of the typical district budget process and principal discretionary funds, there are several options to fund ThinkStretch learning programs.

Title I, Part A
All ThinkStretch materials meet the criteria of “supplement, not supplant”, for both Targeted and School Wide programs. ThinkStretch qualifies as supplemental curriculum, as well as an intervention tool.

Title I, Part A Parental Involvement
As a Parental Involvement/family engagement tool, ThinkStretch touches parents three times: Parent Education Night, Parent Guide to Summer and the fall achievement ceremony. ThinkStretch offers the combination of family engagement focused on student achievement.

21st Century Community Learning Centers
ThinkStretch has been used successfully as an academic enrichment activity that helps students meet state and local achievement standards in 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

PTO/A Grants
Parents are often ThinkStretch programs greatest supporters. Many schools partner with their parent group to fund the Summer Learning Program, either through a direct grant from the PTO/A to the school, or through a parent purchase with scholarship program.

Grants and Foundations
ThinkStretch aligns with the objectives of several grant offering organizations. The websites below offer grants for school initiated programs.

Digital Wish
An online way to make a wish and let your community fulfill it for you!

Grant Wrangler
A comprehensive source of free grants for teachers and schools. Search by grade level, subject, or deadline for your program needs.
Public school teachers can post classroom project requests, while community members browse and give financial support.

Over 750 grants for funding educational projects, this database even provides sample grant applications to help with you.