Marlowe B., Parent

Marlowe B., Parent 150 150 admin

I like that it wasn’t too big and intimidating, but has great content.

Marcie A., Parent, MI

Marcie A., Parent, MI 150 150 admin

Thinkstretch! It is pitched just perfect for their age and the amount of time it takes. I am very excited at how prepared they will be in the fall!

Lynsie G., PTO/A leader, FL

Lynsie G., PTO/A leader, FL 150 150 admin

I noticed the difference in my new fourth grader. It felt like he didn’t skip a beat – he made 100% on his first math facts quizzes back at school.

Katie D., Parent, MI

Katie D., Parent, MI 150 150 admin

My kids go to Allen and we had a great time doing the ThinkStetch this summer. I normally get workbooks for them and we do a good job in June and part of July then we go downhill, ThinkStretch helped us keep going through the end of the summer.

Kathryn T., Parent

Kathryn T., Parent 150 150 admin

After my older daughter, Geneve came home the last day of school, Ryan (younger daughter) ran inside and started working on their summer learning workbooks immediately! They worked for over an hour, and then Ryan says, ‘Summer Learning Books are SO fun!!’ The excitement in her voice was clear as a bell!

Eve S., PTO leader

Eve S., PTO leader 150 150 admin

Our school used your program this summer and we’re getting rave reviews!!

Emily H., Parent, MI

Emily H., Parent, MI 150 150 admin

I have kids at Burns Park and was so pleased when they started using ThinkStretch summer workbooks. Well done!

Cynthia W., Parent, MI

Cynthia W., Parent, MI 150 150 admin

My kids used the Thinkstretch workbooks and I was very pleased with the results. The workbooks truly did what they promised – no more brain drain!

Chris M., Parent

Chris M., Parent 150 150 admin

Sophia loves her medal! She is so proud of her accomplishment! I just wanted to say thank you, as it is nice to see her proud of an academic accomplishment!

Caroline S., Parent

Caroline S., Parent 150 150 admin

My kids have been doing these books for the past couple of years and I feel like they have really leapt forward over the summer thanks to those books.  Thank you!