Top 10 New and Classic Board Games

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Top 10 New and Classic Board Games

Top 10 New and Classic Board Games 540 400 admin

Board games are a classic winter activity that builds skills all kids need.  So turn a “bored” day into a “board” day!

Video games can be all consuming to children, but the opportunity to play a classic board game or a new board game often gives way to laughter and learning.  Board games insist on kids interacting directly with each other, making eye contact, taking turns, balancing their competitive spirit with appropriate team play, and learning to both win and lose gracefully.  The development of all of these important social skills are what summer does best for lots of kids!

And that is not even counting the reading, math and strategy skills that kids develop with board game play.  So pull out a classic game and learn, laugh and grow – the ThinkStretch motto!

10 Classic Board Games

  1. Scrabble
  2. Clue
  3. Sorry
  4. Chinese Checkers
  5. Chutes and Ladders
  6. Chess
  7. Monopoly
  8. Twister
  9. Candy Land
  10. Life

10 New Great Board Games

  1. Catan Junior
  2. Suspend
  3. Ticket to Ride
  4. Qwirkle
  5. Bananagrams
  6. Blokus
  7. Spot it
  8. Sequence
  9. Cranium
  10. Forbidden Desert