BrainBoost Giveaway!

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BrainBoost Giveaway!

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BrainBoost is our new digital learning game for math fact practice.  And you can try it for FREE until September 15! Brain takes to the outer limits of space to explore Mozg Universe and its four galaxies – Lolo, Sevo, Aju and Otak.  Each galaxy has a different math skill level challenge with a “Master the Galaxy” timed challenge on the final planet.

BrainBoost was created to meet skill practice, intervention, summer and after school needs. Designed to improve fluency — the combination of accuracy and speed — BrainBoost engages students across basic addition facts, advanced addition, basic multiplication facts, and advanced multiplication and division.

Using the access code NEWSLETTER, create your own FREE BrainBoost account and enjoy unlimited math fact practice until September 15!  Simply go to!