Colorful Bubble Art

Colorful Bubble Art

Colorful Bubble Art 268 201 admin

Bubble Art

Colorful bubbles make beautiful pictures or printed paper you can use as the background to a drawing or to send notes and letters. Get creative with dish soap and food coloring to make a masterpiece today!

What you need:

White paper
Shallow bowl like a pie pan
Dish soap
Food coloring or Tempra paint
What you do:

Fill the bowl about halfway with water.
Add a squirt of dish soap.
Add several drops of food coloring or stir in some paint.
Use the straw to blow into the water and create a pile of colored bubbles.
Gently lay your white paper across the bubbles.
Let the bubbles pop against the paper to create a patterns.
Layer several different colors of bubbles on the same sheet of paper to create a colorful masterpiece. Use your paper as the background of an ocean drawing or as the sky in a space drawing. Write a letter to Grandma on the paper. Outline bubble shapes with a marker to make interesting characters. There are lots of uses for colorful bubble paper!

Why it works:

The bubbles create very thin layers of colors that act like ink when they touch the paper. As the bubbles burst, their tint is applied to the paper creating an abstract artwork in the shape of the bubble.