Don’t Pig Out

Don’t Pig Out

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Sometimes you just need a quick game – waiting for something to start, occupying kids before dinner, or even at a restaurant table!  Don’t Pig Out is a great combination of chance and skill that is fun for all age kids. For younger kids, play with addition and for older kids use multiplication.

Items Needed: Dice
How to Play:

1. Roll two dice and add the numbers together.

2. Roll again. Add your new total to your old score.
 Keep rolling as many times as you like until…

  • you roll a 3, then your turn ends and you get 0 points for your turn.
  • you roll two 3s, then your turn ends and you lose ALL your points so far.
  • you choose to stop and keep your total for that round.

3. The winner reaches 100 points first.

Advanced Players:
Roll three dice and add the totals.
Roll both dice twice and multiply the two sums for your score.  For example, roll 6 and 2 for the sum of  8.  Then roll 3 and 2 for the sum of 5.  Multiply 8*5 for 40 points.  Play for the highest score after 5 rounds.