Flashlight Fun on a Winter Night


Flashlight Fun on a Winter Night

Flashlight Fun on a Winter Night 268 201 admin

When an early sunset can make 6pm feel like 10pm, grab a flashlight and head outdoors! Take snow, toss it in the air and shine your flashlight through it. Watch it sparkle, spray and tumble to the ground.

Add a bit more fun by trying a snowball fight in the dark. Either let your eyes adjust to the light or designate a flashlight holder (my favorite job) and let the fun begin.

My personal favorite is flashlight tag. A variation of the classic “freeze tag” game, instead of tagging by touch, you are tagged by flashlight. Fortunately, you can also be untagged, or “unfrozen” by flashlight too. This fast paced version of the game keeps young bodies warm and burns off a lot of energy!