Magic Nines

Magic Nines

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Magic Nines is a fun way to show kids the magic of math! Sometimes math can seem overwhelming and always serious to a child. Use this fun math riddle to amaze your child. Then let them in on the secret so they can use Magic Nines to amaze other kids and adults!

Items Needed: paper and pencil

How to Play:

  1. Write down a big number in your life. Try your zip code, telephone number, or birthdate. Ex. 48103
  2. Scramble the digits. Ex. 31084
  3. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number. Ex. 48103-31084=17019
  4. Add up the answer. Ex. 1+7+0+1+9=18
  5. Add up the digits in that answer. Ex. 1+8 = 9!!

Try this with as many numbers as you can. Does it always work?

Encourage your child or class to share this magic trick with friends. You can turn any number into 9!