On the road again!

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On the road again!

On the road again! 540 400 admin

The classic american road trip – a perfect time for fun games in the car!  Nearly all of our summer adventures are an hour or more away, and with summer traffic, it can seem to take forever.  Over the years, the boys and I have compiled our favorite car games to help the time pass quickly and with lots of laughter!  Try one or two of these the next time you set out on a road trip!

License Plate Black Jack

Add, subtract or multiply the numbers on license plates to see who can come closest to 21 without going over.  For instructions and scoring – click here.

Alphabet signs

Call out the letters of the alphabet in order as you pass road signs.  To make it more difficult, only use the first letter in a word.

States Chase

Make it a challenge to see who can log the most license plates from different states.  Or work together as a family to identify as many as you can over the summer.  Keep the list in the car.

Scavenger Hunt

Take a few minutes to make a list of items you might see on your drive.  Include the obvious and the ridiculous – from a cow sleeping to an airplane to a person riding with their foot out the window.  Then keep track of how many you find.

License Plate Boggle

Choose 9 letters off of the next 3 license plates that go by.  Try to make as many words as possible with the letters.  For instructions and scoring – click here.