Scary Good Books!

Scary Good Books!

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National Book Month in October is a fun time to read scary books. A bit of suspense, some worry, and a big “BOOM” make for a thrilling read. Every child has his own level of comfort, and with my boys, one can barely handle a story where the mom leaves town, while one of my other boys loves to be scared by tales of thieves and dark nights.

Scary books can actually help children explore their emotions and fears, while at the same time having a thrill with the idea of fending for themselves and emerging victorious. This has typically been the role of classic fairy tales, which often address a child’s greatest fear – the loss of a parent or abandonment.

Give one of these scary tales a try this month. And if you are very brave, huddle together under a blanket and read with a flashlight!

What was I scared of?  by Dr. Suess, age 3-6

The Hungry Ghosts  by Julius Lester, age 6-9

American Chillers Series  by Jonathon Rand, 7-13

Bunnicula by Deborah Howe, 8-10

Goosebumps Series  by R.L. Stine, 9-13

And of course, any classic fairy tale with a witch and an oven!