Science Websites (for Kids!)

Science Websites (for Kids!)

Science Websites (for Kids!) 268 201 admin

Lots of kids think science only happens in school. Show them science is everywhere! With three sons, science is often our gateway into reading, writing and creative learning. Most of the time, science at home just feels like an adventure. When in doubt, a recipe for homemade smoke bombs can’t be a bad idea, can it?

A few science websites for kids that have lots of science fun and adventure…


PBS Kids ZoomSci – Mix hot science with your cool ideas. Science experiments you can do in your home.

NASA Space Place:

NASA Space Place is a window to outer space. Explore Earth and Space through fun games and activities.

National Geographic Kids:

National Geographic Kids offers the chance to explore the world with games, stories, and videos.

Kids Try Science:

Kids Try Science includes STEM experiments designed to spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math!

Discovery Education:

Discovery Education has cool science, math and social studies activities at the awesome Discovery School site.

Science Bob:

Science Bob introduced us to the film canister rocket – a terrific blast of fun!