Shiny Skittles Paint


Shiny Skittles Paint

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Even though you might like eating Skittles, they also make a really neat-o shiny/glossy paint. It takes a little patience to extract the color that gives the paint its shiny gloss, but it’s worth the wait. So colorful, fun to use, and an unexpected surprise from a candy treat. Let’s learn how to make shiny skittles paint!

What you need:

  • Large bag of Skittles candy
  • Small jars or bowls. One for each color.
  • Light corn syrup
  • Paint brushes
  • White paper

What you do:

1.  Sort the different Skittles candy colors into each individual jar (about half way up).
2.  Add corn syrup to cover the candies.
3.  Let sit for about 4 hours so the color can “melt” into the corn syrup.
4.  Stir the colors to mix thoroughly into the corn syrup.
5.  Begin painting with a brush and paper using the Skittles paint and see what happens!

The paint will be glossy and shiny, with a great pop of color.  Be sure to let your artwork dry completely before displaying your art.