Summer Learning Adventures

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Summer Learning Adventures

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Whether staying close to home over the summer or traveling further, summer learning loss can happen to your kids. To keep them engaged and happily learning over the summer, try these fun summer learning ideas!


Pond Visits – We visit ponds and look for tadpoles, frogs, fish, etc. We also look for footprints in the mud and try to identify them.

Stories – We look for free story telling at local bookstores.

Play Ball! – We go to baseball games and track the score with the scoreboard.

Weekly Visits – Weekly visits to the library, special bike rides and picnic, and visits to the Farmer’s Market are our summer fun activities.

Farmer Fun – I take my children to the Farmer’s market once a week. I give them money to buy different items. I have them figure out how much money to give the vendor and estimate what their change might be. I also have them talk to the vendors.

Neighborhood Time – Our neighborhood agreed on a common study time (for example one hour after breakfast) so pressure to play was not so strong.

Visit the Library – Participate in the public library’s summer reading program. Public libraries are the best place to find books for every child during the summer. Just Read, Read, Read, Read!

Go Outside and Play – Physical activity engages both the mind and body. Limit time spent in front of the TV and with video games.


Driving – While driving (on vacation especially) we keep a log in the car and record all license plates. The kids learn how to spell states, we talk about how far away they have come and where the state is located. We also talk about what other states “touch” it.

Map Reading – Have a child read a map and tell us how far to the next exit.

Find Home – We bike ride a long distance and then using our sense of direction we find a different way back. Sometimes we do that when driving too. Can the kids get me home from where we are (left, right, can you tell what way we are heading? North, south?)

Take Educational Trips – Most museums, zoos and science centers have a free or reduced entry day of the week. Local parks are a great way to learn more about nature. Plan ahead to consider learning opportunities for your trips.