Tin Can Stilts

Tin can stilts

Tin Can Stilts

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Remember wanting to be taller? Waiting, measuring and hoping that you would wake up and be able to reach a certain shelf?  Tin can stilts are a wonderful and simple way to have fun being taller!  With just a couple items likely laying around the house, you can have a world of tall walking fun.

What you need:

  • Two sturdy cans, like old paint cans or coffee cans
  • String or rope

What you do:

  1. Punch two holes across from each other on the sides of the can, near the top.
  2. Thread the strong string or rope through the can.
  3. Tie string off with a secure knot so that the loop reaches just above the child’s waist.

Want more? Explore and discover…

Imaginary stilt worlds! Decorate your stilts to fit the imagination.  Paint them gray and add black circles for dials to make robot stilts.  Or decorate them blue with white clouds to go sky walking.  Let your child’s imagination run free!