2015/16 BrainFreeze Reading Challenge Winners

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2015/16 BrainFreeze Reading Challenge Winners

2015/16 BrainFreeze Reading Challenge Winners 541 399 admin

BrainFreeze Online Reading Challenge for 2015/16 is a huge success! Thank you to all of you wonderful adults who helped keep kids brains warm this Winter Break with lots of reading and learning fun.

This year’s contest was participated in by schools in over 35 states! Kids read over 32,000 minutes in the 10 days of winter break. Michigan had the most students registered with Florida close behind.

The top two participating schools were Colonial Drive Elementary in Fl and Holly Academy in Michigan.

2015/2016 Prize Winners

We have 3 terrific student winners from our random prize drawing. The first two winners won raffle tickets for reading. The BrainGain Bonus Winner was selected from students who had completed BrainGain questions.

First Prize Winner – Kindle Kids Bundle
Student from Black Lake Elementary in WA

Second Prize Winner – Kindle
Student from Fair Haven Elementary in MI

BrainGain Bonus Winner – Kindle Tablet
Student from Hanover Horton in MI

BrainFreeze Online Reading Certificates

Every student who competed in the BrainFreeze Online Reading Challenge is eligible for an online reading certificate.  Please download a certificate if it would be meaningful for your student.


Thank you to our schools who encouraged the BrainFreeze Online Reading Challenge!

Schools with more than multiple students registered for the challenge are…
Baum Elementary, IL
Cedar Ridge Elementary, Missouri
East Elementary MI
Colonial Drive Elementary, FL (36 kids!)
Daly Elementary, MI
East Elementary, MI (15 kids)
Elk Run UT
Engadine Elementary, MI
Fisher Elementary MI
Floyd Elementary NV
Gateway North Elementary, MI
Hanover Horton Elementary, MI (10 kids)
Heathrow Elementary, MI
Highland Mill Montessori ES, NC
Holly Academy, MI (32 kids!)
Hueneme Christian School CA
Kingston Elementary School MI (14)
Manatee Bay Elementary FL
McAuliffe Elementary School, FL
Midway Elementary School of the Arts, FL
North Muskegon Elementary MI
Our Lady of Good Counsel, NY (Mrs. Traverso’s class had 20 kids register!)
Round Elementary MI
SS Dixon Intermediate