How Does ThinkStretch Link Summer and School?

How Does ThinkStretch Link Summer and School?

How Does ThinkStretch Link Summer and School? 300 288 admin
eachers give summer homework – not parents. 

Students know what to do when the teacher gives them homework.  They take it home, complete it, and turn it back into the teacher.  Parents are great parents, and teachers are great teachers.  Life can get confusing when a parent starts assigning summer homework that the teacher did not demand. ThinkStretch links summer learning to school at both ends so parents can be parents and teachers can be teachers.

No more “mean mom” or “bad dad” syndrome with ThinkStretch.

When ThinkStretch is implemented as a school-wide program as designed, every student brings home a ThinkStretch summer workbook.  You are no longer the mean mom or bad dad making your student do summer work when “no one else has to”.  You do not have to come up with any crazy reward or punishment systems to get the work done.  All you have to do is do what you have done all year for homework – set aside time and space to get the work done.  The reward will come from the teacher when your student turns in her work. And you will be the hero for helping your child earn her gold achievement medal!

Why can I teach your child, but not my own? 

I love to hear how well behaved or polite my children have been from other adults. What those adults don’t know is that inside my head I am screaming “Why don’t they act like that around me?”  Many families face a similar conundrum when a parent attempts to teach a child.  While that same parent could easily teach a child from another family, their own child often rebels, fusses, and whines. We are our child’s first teacher, so they are also most comfortable testing the limits with us.

That is why ThinkStretch focuses on skill maintenance in the summer and leaves the instruction of new material for the school year.