Implementing ThinkStretch is Easy with Program Coordinator Materials

Implementing ThinkStretch is Easy with Program Coordinator Materials

Implementing ThinkStretch is Easy with Program Coordinator Materials 231 300 admin

Kicking off a summer learning program is easy as 1-2-3-…4 with the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program Coordinator materials.  In just four easy steps your school can offer a summer learning program that supports every student, teacher and family at your school.

It is one thing to send home a collection of leftover worksheets, a workbook, or a ditto pack as students leave for summer.  It is another thing entirely to offer a Parent Summer Education night, a student summer kickoff, and a Parent Guide to Summer that supports a grade specific activity book for every student.  The ThinkStretch Program Coordinator Materials allow you to do just that with a complete set of program coordinator materials that make the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program easy to run.

The Program Coordinator materials walk you through the four key steps to launch a summer learning program at your school:

  1. Host Parent Education Night
  2. Student Kick-Off Assembly
  3. Distribute Books
  4. Playground Study Sessions (optional)

With simple, easy and complete materials, any teacher, media specialist or involved parent can run ThinkStretch at your school.  The key responsibilities are organizing the parent and student event and distributing the books.  Every event has its own specific To Do list and Tips for Success, making organization and implementation a snap.  As a bonus, Program Coordinators can find ideas shared by other Program Coordinators from across the nation.

ThinkStretch Program Coordinator materials include:

  • Presentation for a Parent education night
  • Posters, letters and flyers
  • Animated DVD for Student Kick off Assembly
  • Lesson plans for Summer Playground study sessions
  • Simple order forms for books and medals
  • Tips for success for every activity

Available online and via snail mail as a part of every full school order, ThinkStretch’s  customizable forms and flyers make communicating with participants a breeze.  The Program Coordinator can use your school-specific details to make sure everyone has the best, most accurate program information.

Every year, program coordinators send us their best ideas for making ThinkStretch successful at their schools.  We share these ideas, improve the coordinator materials, and post additional support online.

Our program coordinator materials offer your school the opportunity to build a partnership between families, students and your school to maintain reading, writing, math and science skills.

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