National Book Month – 2014

National Book Month – 2014

National Book Month – 2014 199 300 admin

Reading Tips for October – Celebrating National Book Month! Summer reading is behind us and the school routine is up and running.

Shifting from a summer of free time to a school year schedule can lead to less “free time” reading. Yet, while kids read at school, choosing to read just for fun is an important part of becoming a lifelong reader and learner. The 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress highlighted a troubling trend in reading for pleasure as children grow. In fourth-grade, 53% of girls and 39% of boys read for fun almost every day. But by eighth-grade, only 25% of girls and 13% of boys read for fun almost daily.

National Book Month is a great opportunity to try some fun reading activities at school and start some new reading habits in the home for the next 9 months of school.

At School:

  • Send letters to favorite authors about their books
  • Host a book swap
  • Wear pajamas to school for a cozy reading hour

At Home:

  • Play “20 Questions” with a twist – try to guess book titles
  • Set aside 20 minutes a day to read to a child or “partner read” (sit side by side reading together silently)
  • Make a visit to the library as a family