Read Aloud or Read With Me?

Read Aloud or Read With Me?

Read Aloud or Read With Me? 424 283 admin

As your children transition from beginning readers to more independent readers, how you spend time together reading can change.

One distinction that I have used with my boys is the difference between a “read aloud” book and a “read with” book. “Read aloud” books are usually books beyond my child’s reading level. I am in control of the pace, expression and timing of the reading. My son just needs to sit back and relax into the story and the warm couch with me.

A “read with” book is a story that is at or slightly above your child’s reading level. Instead of you controlling the pace of reading, your child is reading with you. We took turns reading paragraphs or pages. Sometimes I would be the voice of one character and my son would be the voice of a different character.  The important thing with a “read with” story is that your child reads aloud to you, giving you the opportunity to help with new words.

The best part of both the “read with” and “read aloud” books is the time spent together. It’s fantastic to hear a child ask, “Will you read with me?” Don’t waste an opportunity to build some reading comprehension by talking about the book when you are done. Ask a few questions about the story and watch your child’s reading skills grow.