ThinkStretch: A School Wide Summer Learning Program for Every Student

ThinkStretch: A School Wide Summer Learning Program for Every Student

ThinkStretch: A School Wide Summer Learning Program for Every Student 231 300 admin

ThinkStretch is designed to be a school wide summer learning program.  The original and sustaining vision of ThinkStretch is to give every student in an elementary school the opportunity to keep all of the learning they have worked so hard to achieve over the long summer months.

Rooted in research, parent interviews, teacher feedback and kid testing, ThinkStretch benefits every student in a learning community.  When implemented as designed, ThinkStretch maintains reading levels across socio-economic groups and keeps every student practicing math and writing skills.  Administrators appreciate the high quality materials, teachers appreciate the ease of implementation, parents love the guidance from the school, and students like the fun, engaging summer activities.

With its Program Coordinator materials available in hard copy and online, ThinkStretch is quick and easy to implement. Our Program Coordinator materials are tried, tested and improved every year based on your feedback.  Every flyer, presentation, order form and communication you need is included, so bringing ThinkStretch to your school is a snap. An involved parent, teacher or school librarian can bring the program to every student and family in your school in 4 easy steps.

  1. Host a parent education night
  2. Host a student kick off assembly
  3. Distribute books
  4. Optional – Host playground study sessions

Funding for the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program often comes from many sources for a full school program.  Typically, district funds, Title I funds, principal discretionary funds, or a grant from the school’s parent group are used to bring the program into a school.  Many schools use a combination of these funds to reach every student.

With the Parent Education Night, Parent Guide to Summer, and the parent invitation to the fall award ceremony, the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program additionally qualifies for Title I Family Engagement funding.

Using La Guia para los Padres, ThinkStretch is perfect for Spanish language parents and families.  Administrators offering ELL supports or migrant family supports can also use Title III funds for specific students and families.

ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program returns students to school in the fall confident and prepared to learn.  The most important thing about implementing a full school summer learning program is the first week of school.  Building a culture of year round learning, where students maintain their skills over the summer months, can dramatically change a school building.  Students transition into school year routines easily, new material can be introduced at a quicker pace, and students begin the school year with a celebration of academic effort.  Give your students the gift of continuous learning with the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program.