How ThinkStretch Satisfies Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Requirements

How ThinkStretch Satisfies Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Requirements

How ThinkStretch Satisfies Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Requirements 1000 671 admin

Title 1 schools dedicate themselves to providing, “a fair, equitable, and high-quality education,” to all children, and closing the gaps in educational achievement. They create a more level playing field for students that normally sit on the academic sidelines. Often, the circumstances that put those students there in the first place are out of their control.

Parent and Family Engagement

One of the key pillars of the Title I, Part A federal program is Parent and Family Engagement (PFE). Family engagement requires the systematic inclusion of the family of the student in various activities. This includes the planning and evaluation of these programs and activities. The family involvement encourages the child’s positive development, academically and otherwise. 

Who Qualifies as Family?

Many different adults qualify as “family,” including any adult that could raise or care for a child. This could mean biological parents, or it could mean grandparents, adoptive parents, foster parents, legal guardians, informal guardians, and even adult siblings.

Why Include Family Engagement?

Family involvement in a child’s education better predicts their academic success than socioeconomic status does. Students with more family involvement adapt better to school, have better social skills, receive higher grades, have better attendance, learn to read quicker, and are more likely to graduate.

ThinkStretch and Title I’s Parent and Family Engagement Requirement

We at ThinkStretch realize the value of family engagement, and designed our various programs to empower students and adults alike.

Our summer learning program includes an educational parent night, medal ceremony, as well as a parent guide. These pieces of the program fulfill Title 1 schools’ parent and family engagement requirements, qualifying ThinkStretch for Title 1 funding. This makes our Summer Learning Program the perfect way to meet Title 1 expectations. It also ensures students retain all of their important knowledge and skills over the summer.

It’s not a summer workbook, it’s an entire turn-key summer program. All students start the year on the same foot, closing the achievement gap, and parents and teachers become meaningful partners in their child’s education.

You can find more information or download a sample of any of our three programs (Summer Learning, Brain Freeze, and Brain Gain) here.