UPDATED! Our Spanish Parent Guide to Summer

UPDATED! Our Spanish Parent Guide to Summer

UPDATED! Our Spanish Parent Guide to Summer 300 390 admin

An updated Spanish language Parent Guide to Summer is making waves this summer.  Offered at no additional charge, our expanded Spanish language Parent Guide, La Guía para los Padres, includes translated instructions and answer keys for every ThinkStretch workbook from Pre-K to 7th grade.

Increasing family engagement with ESL and ELL families is a challenge facing many schools. Nationally, approximately 73% of ELL families speak Spanish as their predominant language.  ThinkStretch is meeting the challenging of meaningfully engaging these families in their students’ academic lives by offering fully translated and integrated summer learning guides for Spanish-speaking families.

It can be difficult for parents whose first language is not English to work with their students on homework.  As I researched how to help engage families over the summer months, teachers provided me with consistent advice: “Provide student materials in English and parent materials in Spanish.”

As I studied how parents and students were interacting over the summer, it became clear that simply translating the Parent Guide to Summer into Spanish would not be enough.  Parents wanted to participate in the bonus activities with their children.  Children needed occasional help with instructions or activities, particularly in the earliest grade levels.

With the perspective of always working to build bridges between the home and school, I undertook the task of translating all 9 volumes of ThinkStretch Summer Learning books into Spanish.  But I did not create Spanish student books, instead the instructions for every book was added to the Spanish language Parent Guide to Summer or La Guía para los Padres.

Now, if a student is struggling with the writing practice in Week 7 of the 3rd heading to 4th grade ThinkStretch Summer Learning book, her parent can simply turn to La Guía para los Padres.  On page 31, the parent will find: “Haz una lista de lo que harías si tuvieras el todo el día para ti y pudieras hacer todo lo que se te antojara.”  This instruction matches the student’s English language instruction of “Make a list of what you would do if you had all day to yourself and could do whatever you wanted.”

Now parent and child can talk together about the writing activity in the language of their choice.  In addition, the parent can find additional writing activities and tips to help encourage her student all summer long.

San Joaquin Elementary provided the original La Guía para los Padres to over 400 families last year.  When one of their children needed help reading or understanding and instruction, San Joaquin’s Spanish speaking parents were able to quickly read the instructions in Spanish and offer help and support at home.

I am excited to hear your stories and successes with La Guía para los Padres this summer.  ThinkStretch and I continue to strive to be your partner in education, benefiting every family and student in your school.

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