Why Is ThinkStretch a Summer Program, Not Just a Workbook?

Why Is ThinkStretch a Summer Program, Not Just a Workbook?

Why Is ThinkStretch a Summer Program, Not Just a Workbook? 300 200 admin
Summer arrives every year before teachers are ready for it. 

We know its coming every year.  Every year we have the best laid plans to finish the curriculum, have time to neatly close out the year, and send home a meaningful packet of activities for students – and every year we slide into summer barely holding onto our sanity. We understand.  That’s why ThinkStretch is a system and not just a workbook.  We provide you with all the flyers, information, parent education and student materials you need – in a simple, easy to use packet with online support.  We strive to provide an accessible, fun summer program for kids, so that your students to return to you next summer confident and ready to learn.

Summer sneaks up on parents too!  

Going from a school year routine to a summer routine is a strain on many families. And just like schools, the end of the school year can catch parents by surprise. Frantic, last-minute summer workbook purchases to try and keep kids learning can lead to confusion, frustration and quitting altogether.  That’s why ThinkStretch makes it simple to bring a complete summer learning program to every family in your school with a few simple steps.  Because families want to learn over the summer, they just need the guidance to do what is best for their student and families.

Summer never comes too soon for kids.  

While summer often sneaks up on parents and teachers, kids are always ready!  That’s why ThinkStretch is the perfect summer review for kids too.  With just the right amount of math skill review and reading to keep their skills fresh, ThinkStretch does not require hours and hours of review every day.  And with cool bonus activities that provide lots of hands-on engagement, kids get to have fun and experiment – and they’ll barely notice the learning part.  Sneaky huh?