Dancing Raisins – Ooh la la!

Dancing Raisins – Ooh la la!

Dancing Raisins – Ooh la la! 268 201 admin

Raisins sink in water. Or do they? Could they even dance in the water?

What you need:

  • Can of clear soda like 7-Up, Sprite or Soda Water
  • Tall, clear glass
  • Handful of raisins

What you do:

  1. Pour the soda into the tall glass until almost full.
  2. Drop several raisins into the glass.
  3. Watch closely for several seconds. Are the raisins beginning to dance?

Why it works:

Raisins are heavier than water, so they sink. But bubbles are lighter than water and rise to the surface. The rough surface of the raisin traps the bubbles and the raisin is lifted to the surface along with the bubbles!

Want more? Experiment and discover…

How heavy of an object can the bubbles lift?
Do small grapes with a smooth surface work?

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