Walking on Eggs

Walking on Eggs

Walking on Eggs 268 201 admin

Walking on eggs is a fun way to impress your friends (or your kids!) with your balance and bravery. The egg is a marvel of strength, and with a only two dozen eggs you can stand, with 6-8 dozen you can walk! Try this at home after your next trip to the grocery store.

What you need:

  • 2 dozen or more eggs
  • garbage bag
  • bare feet

What you do:

  1. Set two dozen eggs next to each other on the floor on top of a garbage bag.
  2. Make sure no eggs are already cracked or broken.
  3. Arrange the eggs so that the same end is pointing up for all of them, either the pointy end or the rounded end.
  4. Hold a friend’s hand as you step up onto the first dozen eggs. The key is to step onto the eggs with your foot as flat as possible.
  5. Carefully step onto the second dozen.

To walk on eggs, simply arrange a few more dozen eggs in a line and carefully step from one dozen to the next with a flat foot.