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Battle is a classic card game with a twist. Play this math game with your kids at home to help them enjoy practicing addition, subtraction and multiplication depending on their skill level!

Items Needed: Deck of cards

How to Play:

  1. Remove the face cards from a deck of cards.
  2. Divide the deck into two equal piles, one for each player.
  3. Each player flips two cards face up on the table.
  4. Each player adds their cards together. The highest score wins all four cards.
  5. In case of a tie, flip up two more cards. The player with the highest score wins all eight cards.
  6. Go through the deck twice. The person with the most cards remaining WINS!

Advanced Players:

Subtract the cards to find the lowest number to win.


Multiply the two cards together instead of adding for the largest number to win!