Count Down

Count Down

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Count down is fun game that practices math skills kids don’t practice as often. It’s designed to help kids practice subtraction (and multiplication for advanced students). With only a paper and pencil, and a couple dice, kids have a friendly comptetion to race to Zero!

Items Needed: Paper and pencil Dice

How to Play:

  1. Each player labels a score sheet with the total “1000” at the top.
  2. The first player rolls two dice to form a two-digit number. “3” and “6” could make 36 or 63.
  3. Subtract the two-digit number from the total.
  4. Players alternate turns until one player cannot subtract the two-digit number from the total without going below zero. If a player must go below zero, the other player wins.

Advanced players: Roll both of the dice twice and multiply the two sums for your two-digit number. For example: roll 6 and 2 for for a sum of 8. Then roll 3 and 2 for a sum of 5. Multiply 8*5 for 40 points.