Fun at Home

Fun at Home

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Summer activities are a great way to keep kids’ minds moving and prevent summer brain drain! Try some of these kids activities at home with your child.

Which was their favorite? Did you turn any of these ideas into a whole new game? Leave a comment below.

Brainstorm box

Decorate a box marked Summer Brain Waves. Fill the box with strips of paper of fun things to do together this summer. Pull out a strip to start the fun!

Build a museum

Collect leaves, acorns, seashells, rocks, seeds or anything you would like. Label and display the items. Keep a journal to record where each treasure was found.

Cloud drawings

Draw a picture using clouds in the sky. Do the shapes look like whales, rabbits or other animals? Keep a collection of the drawings and make a “My Eye in the Sky” book.

Vision board

Cut pictures from old magazines of people, places, and things that you would like to have in your life someday. Use the pictures to illustrate an adventure or future you can imagine.

Family tree

Find family photos. Create a family tree.


Pick a familiar tune like “You are my sunshine, My only sunshine…” Now create your own words.

Gardens grow

Plant a flower or vegetable garden and paint the names of the flowers on stones.