Fit an Egg in a Bottle

Fit an Egg in a Bottle

Fit an Egg in a Bottle 268 201 admin

Ever wonder at a ship in a bottle? Try fitting an egg in a bottle!

Kids love doing the impossible. And watching an egg fit into a bottle that it shouldn’t be able to fit into is a lot of fun.

What you need:

Hard-boiled egg
Plastic or glass bottle with an opening slightly smaller than the egg
Large bowl of hot water
Large bowl of ice water
What you do:

Warm the bottle in the bowl of hot water.
Stand the bottle up in the bowl of ice water.
Wet the egg and put in point side down in the opening of the bottle.
Slowly, slowly then pop! The egg is sucked into the bottle as the air inside cools.

Why does it work?

Hot air expands and as it cools, it wants to pull more air inside the bottle to fill the space. But the egg is in the way, so it gets sucked into the bottle.