Frosty the Snowman Paint

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Frosty the Snowman Paint

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Do you want to paint a puffy, cold snowman?  Mix up this icy cold, sparkly paint and your students and children will have a jolly, happy time painting their own Frosty the Snow Man!

This paint is so neat!  It is cold to the touch and dries puffy and raised.  It works really great for snowy art projects.  So fun!

Frosty the Snow Man is a classic read during the winter holidays.  We couldn’t resist creating this art activity based on the book Frosty the Snow Man by Annie North Bedford.

What you need:

  • white glue
  • shaving cream
  • glitter
  • cardstock paper for the canvas
  • paint brush
  • colored cardstock, stickers, foam etc. for embellishing

What you do:

  1. Help your student or child measure equal parts white glue and shaving cream.  Have them mix the two ingredients together.  Sprinkle in a generous amount of glitter, stir through and the frosty snow paint is ready!  It should be very thick and fluffy like whipping cream.
  2. Use generous amounts of paint to create the three-dimensional effect.  It doesn’t run or lose its shape.  Encourage them to dollop the paint onto their paper in large scoops.  It can be piled up to increase volume and thickness.
  3. While the paint is still wet, add colorful cardstock shapes, stickers, foam, etc. for the details.  They will dry firmly in place
  4. Sprinkle more glitter over the top of the snowman to make it super sparkly and wondrous!
  5. Let the artwork dry overnight on a flat surface.  The paint will keep its puffiness and it will look and feel amazingly tactile.