Fun With A Pen

Fun With A Pen

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For some children writing is a chore. For others it is a creative outlet. My boys have tended towards the “writing is a chore” perspective. Trying to find fun ways to incorporate writing into our daily life has made writing less about the “task” and more about the creativity and ideas.

A few ways we have added writing into our lives over the years…

Quote Book – Write down the funny, silly or wise things your family says this summer. These have become instant classics in our home.

Pen Pal – Choose a distant relative or friend and try to exchange messages at least three times over the summer. The joy of receiving a letter never ceases to amaze me. We exchanged letters with an older friend in Chicago.

Create a Code – Make up a code and write messages back and forth. The code can substitute numbers for letters or scramble letters. The boys had a great time using the codes to find the treats or toys they had hidden for each other.