Rock Families

Rock Families

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Did you know rocks have families? Every rock belongs to one of three families. Each family has its own special features, but over time, some rocks change families!

Kids love rock hunting, it is easy, feeds their “collecting bug”, and makes unique keepsakes from family trips.

Challenge your child to find rocks from each family this summer. After all, rocks are everywhere!

Rock Families

Igneous: From the latin word “ignis” meaning fire, these rocks are made by the cooling of the earth’s crust. Think lava pouring from a volcano and hardening into rock.

Sedimentary: These rocks are made from small bits and pieces of minerals that have been packed together for so long that they become one.

Metamorphic: These rocks have been squeezed and heated deep below the earth’s surface for thousands of years. And from all that squeezing, they change from one thing to another. Think caterpillar to butterfly or coal to a diamond!

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