Great Sites for Free eBooks


Great Sites for Free eBooks

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Finding great, free eBooks for your tablet, iPad or Kindle is a snap. I was especially excited to come across several websites that offer lists and links to eBooks for kids. While my kids and I have gone back and forth on the differences between digital and traditional books, it is the quality of the content – and your child’s interest in it – that is most important.

Common sense warning: As with all websites, an adult should check these out first.

Freebook Sifter
Freebook Sifter aggregates over 100,000 free eBooks available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other sources. Notably, it features a children’s list organized by customer reviews. One of the top picks appears to be “The Secret Garden,” a classic, all-time favorite.

Gizmo’s Freeware
Gizmo’s Freeware has compiled 234 sites that offer free online children’s books. It also has other free software on the site so as with all sites, check them out before you let your students visit them unsupervised.