Hot Potato

Hot Potato

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Think you know Hot Potato? This version takes a classic, fun game that children know and makes it one of many fun math games children can play to keep up on addition or multiplication! And interestingly, adding movement to learning helps many children learn more quickly.

Easy to play at home or in schools. Involve a whole classroom for a fun math review.

Items Needed: Beanbag or soft ball or pillow

How to Play:

  1. Call out an addition problem as you toss a beanbag, soft ball or pillow.
  2. The second player must yell out the answer before he catches the “potato”.
  3. See how many times you can toss the potato back and forth without missing a fact.

Advanced Players: Shout out multiplication or division facts up to 12×12 or 144 ÷ 12.