Magic Hexagon Puzzle

Magic Hexagon Puzzle

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In honor of Digital Learning Day last Wednesday (Feb 5, 2014), we want to focus a little on the skills that build strong digital learners. In simplest terms, focusing on STEM subjects and teaching a love of math and science at an early age can impact kids for life. Start young learners off with math puzzles, math games and science experiments to show them how fun STEM subjects can be.

Magic Hexagons are a more difficult (and interesting!) version of Magic Squares. The object of a Magic Hexagon is to arrange the numbers in the hexagon such that each row across and diagonally add to the same number.

Magic hexagon puzzles can be very difficult, with very few numbers filled in or using both positive and negative integers. You can select the magic hexagon puzzle that meets your needs from Dr. Mike’s Math Games for Kids. Print out a few puzzles the next time you have a long car drive, wait in line, or the need for some quiet!

Did your child’s school to anything to celebrate Digital Learning Day? How do their develop STEM skills? Leave a comment below!