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Funny and fast paced – Salute is a classic math game that has a sense of humor! It’s a great game to play at home to practice math facts or to play on a Friday in the classroom. Math games for kids can sometimes break routine enough to make learning math facts fun. Just have students break up into teams of three to play and learn.

What you need:

  • Deck of playing cards, with face cards removed
  • Three players

What you do:

  1. Choose the Dealer.
  2. The dealer deals out the cards evenly to the other two players.
  3. The two players with cards sit facing each other.
  4. The dealer says “Salute!” and each player holds a card from the top of his pile to his forehead with the number facing out.
  5. Easy version – the Dealer calls out the sum of the two numbers.  For example 3,6 is 9.
    Advanced version – the Dealer calls out the product of the two numbers.  For example 3,6 is 18.
  6. Each of the two players now tries to yell out the number on his forehead (which they cannot see!) based on the answer the dealer has given.
  7. The winner takes both cards.

You can rotate the cards each turn so each player gets a chance to yell “Salute!”.  Or, play through the cards three times to see which player ends with the highest stack after all three players have a chance to be the Dealer.