Pizza Gardening

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Pizza Gardening

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Believe it or not – kids are more willing to eat vegetables if they grow them! A pizza garden is easy to grow and can make a good excuse for a terrific summer party. Each plant is perfect both for a pot or for a garden area. For more fun, consider marking off a circular area and planting each “slice” with a different plant.

For a simple pizza garden, grow three vegetables and three herbs. You can start from seeds or small plants available at any garden center or even grocery stores.

  • Oregano is a perennial herb that gives pizza the characteristic taste and wonderful smell.
  • Parsley is a bright green herb that can be “flat” leaf or “curly” leaf.
  • Basil is an annual herb that is fragrant and is used in many Italian dishes.
  • Onions can be planted from seeds or sets. Select red, white or yellow for your garden.
  • Pepper plants come in many colors and heat levels. Any green, sweet, bell type of pepper works well. If you like hot, spicy pizza, try a hot pepper variety.
  • Tomato plants are the colorful star of the pizza garden! A paste tomato variety, such as Roma, is best for sauce. Roma has small, oblong tomatoes with a thick meaty flesh.

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