Sponge Bombs!


Sponge Bombs!

Sponge Bombs! 268 201 admin

Play catch, launch at targets, play tag!  Sponge bombs are the summer alternative to snowballs. Make a hot day lots of fun with a bucket of water full of sponge bombs!

What you need:

  • Three sponges
  • Scissors (or knife and a cutting board)
  • Hair rubber band or string
  • Bucket of water

What you do:

  • Cut the sponge into five long strips each about 1/2 inch wide.  Do the same with all three sponges.
  • Lay the strips in a block stacked 3 high and five wide.
  • Twist a pony tail holder around the middle of the bunch to hold the sponge strips together.  (Or use string to tie the middle.)
  • Spread out strips to fluff up the sponges into a ball shape.

Now simply add a bucket of water and set the kids loose outside!  They will figure out lots of fun ways to stay cool and have fun!