Poke a Balloon but NO POP!?!

Poke a Balloon but NO POP!?!

Poke a Balloon but NO POP!?! 268 201 admin

Amaze and thrill your kids by pushing a needle into a balloon and NOT popping it! If you have a flair for the dramatic, use the pin to pop a balloon, say a few magic words, then use the tips below to push the pin through the next balloon WITHOUT popping it. My boys thought I was the coolest before I let them in on my balloon science trick!

There are two different ways you can do it depending on what you have in the house—with a metal skewer or with a sharp pin.

What you need:

Long wooden or metal skewers
Petroleum jelly
Sharp pin
Cellophane tape
What you do:

Blow up a balloon, but not too full.
Method 1 – Dip the tip of the metal skewer in vaseline and rub it along the entire skewer. Gently push into the end of the balloon opposite the knot. Twist and gently push the skewer through to the other side of the balloon near the knot.
Method 2 – Place a small piece of tape on the side of the balloon and press down well. Now take the pin and push it through the tape into the balloon.
Why did it work? In the first case, the vaselined skewer is pushed smoothly through an area of the balloon with little tension on it, not forcing it to pop. In the second case, the tape holds the rubber tension equal as the pin pierces the balloon, again not forcing the balloon to pop.