Pom-Pom Race Track Kids Game


Pom-Pom Race Track Kids Game

Pom-Pom Race Track Kids Game 268 201 admin

Recycle your paper towel and toilet paper tubes into a really cool kids game and make a Pom-Pom Race Track. There are endless possibilities with only a few materials needed. It’s fun to see who can build a longer, more complicated maze of tubes. Try racing two tube tracks at a time for the fastest pom-pom course championship! Kids and grown-ups alike will find this addicting.

What you need:

  • Paper towel and toilet paper tubes
  • Scissors
  • Magnetic strips with adhesive on the back
  • Small colored pom-poms (or marbles or bouncy balls)
  • Refrigerator door or large whiteboard

What you do:

  1. Cut the paper towel/toilet paper tubes in half; lengthwise.
  2. Stick 2-3 inch pieces of the magnetic strip tape onto one side of the paper towel/toilet paper tubes.
  3. Place the tubes onto the magnetic surface in a pattern that resembles a “raceway” heading down the refrigerator.
  4. When the pom-pom is gently dropped onto the top tube, it rolls down one tube and onto another, until it reaches the bottom. This will resemble a crisscross pattern.

Let the racing begin! Try complicated trails with racetracks catching falling balls. Set up two tracks and race pom poms.