Jelly Bean Flavor Mystery


Jelly Bean Flavor Mystery

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Are jelly beans all different flavors or do their colors just make us think they are?  Challenge your friends and family to tell you what flavor a jelly bean is with this fun Easter activity for kids. But can they tell them the flavor without smelling the jelly bean or seeing its color?

What you need:

  • Jelly beans
  • Blindfold

What you do:

  1. Blindfold your friend.
  2. Ask him to plug his nose and taste the different color jelly beans.
  3. Have him tell you the flavors.
  4. Now, ask him to unplug his nose.
  5. Give him the same color jelly beans again and ask him to tell you the flavors.
  6. Now, take off the blindfold and give him the jelly beans again to taste.

Did your friend think the jelly bean was the same flavor every time?  Your sense of smell and sight impact how food tastes, without them all jelly beans will taste the same.

Or did you discover that all jelly beans taste the same no matter if you are blindfolded, plugged up noses or using all your senses?