Solar Oven Summer Activity

Solar Oven Summer Activity

Solar Oven Summer Activity 268 201 admin

“Catching some rays” takes on a whole new meaning in this outdoor experiment. The sun’s rays can create all kinds of yummy treats. Make your own solar/sun oven and experiment with a buffet of delicious goodies, warm and melted in the afternoon sun! Make sure to have lots of wet wipes on hand, it’s about to get gooey!

What you need:

  • Round bottom bowl
  • Foil
  • Clear plastic wrap
  • Straw
  • Marshmallow

What you do:

  1. Line the bowl with foil. Smooth out the wrinkles and fold the foil over the edges so it hugs the sides.
  2. Thread the marshmallow onto the middle of the straw and set in the bowl so that the marshmallow does not touch the foil. You may need to trim the straw with scissors.
  3. Cover the bowl with clear plastic wrap pulled tight.
  4. Set the bowl facing the sun so that the sun lights the entire inside. Prop the oven on its side slightly to fill the bowl with sun.

Depending on how sunny it is, check your oven every 15 minutes. When the marshmallow feels very soft, it’s ready to eat. You can compare the taste and texture of the marshmallow from your oven with one from the bag. What is the difference?

Now explore other sun/food combinations! Place nacho chips in the oven with shredded cheese on top or your favorite cookie with a few chocolate chips. What happens? Do you like the combinations? Think of other items to melt in your solar/sun oven.

Why does it work?

As the rays of the sun pass through the plastic wrap they become trapped inside the oven. The foil reflects or bounces the rays at the marshmallow. The warmth of the rays melts the marshmallow and makes it a gooey, warm treat.