The Amazing Sprouting Sponge

The Amazing Sprouting Sponge

The Amazing Sprouting Sponge 268 201 admin

The amazing sprouting sponge brings the excitement and patience of gardening inside your home. No dirt needed.

What you need:

New sponges
Mustard seeds (from your grocery store’s spice aisle)
Plastic wrap
Spray bottle (that’s thoroughly rinsed and cleaned)

What you do:

    1. Cut the new sponges into any shape you’d like, then soak them in water.
    2. Squeeze the sponges until they’re not dripping.
    3. Place onto a plate.
    4. Evenly sprinkle mustard seeds on the top of each sponge.

During the day, leave your sponges in direct sunlight. Spritz with water daily. Cover with plastic wrap at night. The seeds will sprout into a mini-mustard garden in about 12 days.

Why does it work?

The water and sunlight allows the seeds in your sprouting sponge to grow in a process called hydroponics.