Weekend Fun – Plant a garden

Boy carefully watered flowers

Weekend Fun – Plant a garden

Weekend Fun – Plant a garden 425 283 admin

Math skill and writing practice are more fun when students are using their skills for a project. This weekend project can inspire your kids all summer long!

Plant a garden this summer

It can be as small as a tomato plant in a window or as big as a square plot in the yard.

Research shows that kids like veggies more after they have grown their own. Once planted, a garden is easy to take care of – only a few minutes of watering and weeding each week!

Use math skills to design the garden – calculate how much room each plant needs, how many plants fit in row, how big of garden is needed.  Use writing skills to make lists, draw out the garden plan, and sketch the growing plants.

Squid provides a terrific online tool at Vegetable Garden Layout to get your garden started this weekend!