ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 2 of Summer

Kids playing Tug of War

ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 2 of Summer

ThinkStretch Summer Fun – Week 2 of Summer 540 400 admin

Summer Science

Grow mold! Rub a slice of white bread on your kitchen table to collect all the germs we don’t usually see. Moisten the bread a little bit and put it in an glass jar with the lid shut tight. In a couple days, different fungus and molds will start to grow. When you are done watching – simply toss the experiment out!

Backyard Adventures

Make an obstacle course! Hang string between lawn chairs to crawl under, set out balls to jump over, or make a challenge to do it all while holding a baseball under your chin. Have the kids time themselves and track who is fastest at each new crazy challenge.

Web Wandering

National Geographic for Kids offers terrific facts, stories and photographs of some the amazing places, people and things on good ol’ planet earth. National Geographic for Kids

Read, Read, Read

Audio books are a great way to experience a story. Try checking out an audio book on tape, CD or even as a download from your computer. Most libraries have audio books of children’s classics as well as young adult books.