Rock on!

Sisters crouch to play with sand

Rock on!

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Kids love rocks! For your budding scientist, rocks can supply an endless opportunity for experiments and fun.

First, challenge your child to find 5 very different looking rocks around your home.

Next, categorize the rocks and label by size and type.

Set a goal of collecting one of each of the three main rock types – sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.  For the adventurous, research rock types in your area online or with a book from the library.  Make a list of the rocks and have a summer long scavenger hunt to find as many kinds of rock from your list as possible.

For your crafter, collect handfuls of smooth rocks.  With poster paint, decorate the rocks to become funny looking creatures.  With a little bit of glue and googly eyes, you might even find you have created a “pet” rock!

For even more information and rock projects, visit Kids Love Rocks.

Rock On!!